Bali Diaries, part 1: Arriving

It's my second day in Bali, and already I love it. I was nearly about to cancel my trip because of news regarding the impending and seemingly inevitable eruption of Mt. Agung, the largest volcano on this island. I'm currently staying in Canggu for the next two weeks, but my plans are open after that.... Continue Reading →


5-Spice Salmon Tacos

I woke up one Saturday morning, browsed my phone and happened to see this recipe by chance. Since I love salmon, I decided that it's what lunch will be! I've never tried tacos with minty yogurt dressing and this was actually pretty good especially on a hot day. It was a lot of fun to... Continue Reading →

The Best Pasta Salad

A non-Thai dish, for a change... I was looking for a good salad recipe one day, when I stumbled on Jamie Oliver's "Best Pasta Salad" Recipe. I like his use of superlatives in naming this dish. Confidence is important, right? I've had a few flops in selecting recipes before so now I make sure that each... Continue Reading →

One Pot Spicy Thai Noodles

I like Asian food. A lot. OK, I LOVE Asian food. I'm looking at you, Thailand. S/O goes to the Kingdom; I love everything about you. Most especially the food. The chilis, fish sauce, curries, limes, cilantro, Thai basil, crushed peanuts, ginger, hot sauce, PEANUT SAUCE.. I could go on and on. Love ya. One of the... Continue Reading →

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