On dreams coming true.

I’m stoked to say that, despite minor hiccups, my 2017 has been (and continues to be) pretty damn RAD. Rad, rad, rad.

In a few months I’ll be packing up the little studio apartment in Salcedo that I’ve called home since September 2016, and all the wonderful memories of living in that beautiful neighborhood. It was short but very sweet. I’ll be an island girl once again…. the thought brings back a ton of wonderful memories of when I was living in Boracay for a year, from 2008-2009. This time I’ll be in my happy place: El Nido, no less!

I have accepted a job offer to work as the overall online content manager for a brand-new lifestyle concept. The best part is that the role encompasses all my previous work experience, rolled up into one job, so the learning curve will be zero to little at best. And the business has the same core values that I look for in a company to be associated with: sustainable, supporting local livelihoods, and respectful of local customs and culture.

I’m ready for you, El Nido.



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