On freelance life.

Well, you know what they say: Time’s fun when you’re having flies.


Come March 6, it’ll be 2 months since I’ve been living the freelance life. I feel #blessed because of all the offers left and right. Aside from my one main client in Chicago, I completed a few small projects over the past few weeks with awesome clients from Ottawa, Melbourne, Singapore… oh and I scored a kick ass new regular gig with a travel company here in Manila! So yes, work has kept me busy over the last 2 months. So busy, so sedentary, but SO grateful.

My plan to read at least one book a month totally isn’t happening.

But you know what else happened in the last two months?

I got to climb a major mountain – Mt. Pulag, on a Monday. I was also able to spontaneously take a trip to Boracay alone for 5 full days, where I got some work done. All in January!

I’d never have the freedom to do these things with a corporate job. That alone makes it all worth it.

But it hasn’t been without the struggles. I’ve made big mistakes in managing my time. As a result, most weeks I’m cramming and working for 16 hours a day until I get burnt out; rest for 3 then repeat the process. It hasn’t been healthy and it needs to change.

On March 5 I fly out to Vietnam and Thailand for a few weeks. I spent this week finishing up some remaining work contracts so by the time I get there, I focus on just my one primary client and I’ll have enough time to decompress with my best friend.

8 more sleeps!





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