On feelings, new ones.

So yesterday, I finalized my resignation.

Come Friday, January 6, 2017; I’ll be a FREE woman. Free from the shackles of the corporate world, free from having to come face to face with people I can’t stand (the most exhausting and draining part of work), having to dress up AND put makeup every day.

But anyway, on to positive things and new feelings that I’ve been savoring…

  • After 4 months of living in small rented studio, it’s finally starting to feel like home. No matter how tiny it is, each day I look forward to coming home to my own private space, met with silence (which I then break by playing my favorite tunes), and do whatever it is I need to do: cook, shower, read, clean, Netflix, or rest.
  • I have a pretty huge ref for one person, so most of the time it’s empty; save for 5 containers of cold water – because I’m always thirsty. A few days ago I did the grocery and bought a week and a half’s worth of healthy food: fruits, vegetables, chicken, and eggs. Coming home to that space, having my own good food, and place to rest my head is pure BLISS.
  • Living in a great neighborhood where I can walk: to my yoga studio (across the apartment), grocery, friends’ apartments, spa, salon, bars, favorite restaurants, shopping malls… what else could I need? I no longer have to sit in soul-sucking traffic just to do the most basic of errands.
  • Last week, I did a bartending gig for the first time ever. It’s for my friends’ beer pub – beer plus one cocktail isn’t a big deal to serve but it was so much fun (albeit a little stressful) being behind the bar for a change.

Living on my own has not been without its challenges, which I like to think of as little comedies. I’ve had to learn a lot of things on my own, and along the way these things have happened:

  • got electrocuted from cooking barefoot
  • unplugged the ref to save on electricity for 6 days while I stayed at my parents’ – and forgot to throw out the vegetables so I came home to a moldy ref that smelled disgusting, to put it nicely
  • bought a dish rack and used it the wrong side up for 3 months, until my cleaning lady came over and fixed that for me
  • burned plastic inside my steel pot because I was so hungry and sleepy but tried to defrost soup as fast as I could (therefore I stuffed the tupperware into a hot steel pot, dumb!)
  • poured cooking oil into a brand-new container, which had a narrow mouth. I watched in disappointment as the oil became bubbly as it entered the container, because apparently I didn’t get the soap out properly from its first wash!
  • cooked chicken thrice until it was finally good enough to eat (read: no blood)

Life is pretty awesome.


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