The Best Pasta Salad

A non-Thai dish, for a change…

I was looking for a good salad recipe one day, when I stumbled on Jamie Oliver’s “Best Pasta Salad” Recipe. I like his use of superlatives in naming this dish. Confidence is important, right? I’ve had a few flops in selecting recipes before so now I make sure that each time I see one, I need to investigate the comments and reviews before I make it myself. And the feedback on this recipe was pretty good.

Anyway, I was really happy to find this recipe because when I did, I had been on a quest to look for a good cold pasta recipe too – which I hadn’t found. And this dish is BOTH an excellent cold pasta and a delicious, refreshing salad too. I’m a sucker for anything multi-purpose in life, I guess it’s me trying to live life following permaculture design principles in all I do.

I’ve made this recipe twice. The second time was at the beach and I chilled it in the ref for about 1.5 hours before serving. SO much better. And so easy to make! Shell pasta is a little hard to find. On the second occasion I just used some curly pasta variety, but I think orzo would have been better. A hot, El Niño summer is upon us and I see myself making this several times more. Cool, refreshing, and comforting is what this dish is.



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